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Diverse they are the playful or sport activities, that can be practiced in the zone. Several Centers of Active Tourism exist:

- A day in the "Pozo de las Paredes": In the town we found a bridge Roman that it jumps two smooth vertical walls on the waters cleaner than to dream itself they can, whose photography often has served to emphasize the beauty and the degree of conservation of all the Mountain range of Gredos and its Regional base. Their transparent waters, offer a superb place for the bath, their grounds, in plate form, an excellent place to ease up to the sun. Their waters, of the Tormes, are a recognized truchero boundary, but at the times of the year in which she is open the prohibition also tencas, barbels and carps can be fished. It has a zone of BARBECUES to spend a good day in the field enjoying a good one chuletada the meats and the good wine of the place. Shortly before we found the Turones, small pozas less profunos.

- You observe the birds with the aid of Clara: Clara is a biologist that decided to live in the region. She offer different routes according to your interest, for help to know the diferent nature, botany and geology this zone. (Groups of maximum 8 people)

- Already outside the town, one cannot go away without seeing the Boats, to 10kms, a located route Navarredonda de Gredos that leaves the camping of Valdeascas, in where according to we walked we are seeing brooks, pozas, pools, all it between pines and brooms and, at the end of the route, a precious cascade that finishes in a pocito to which you can be thrown from tobogán natural.

- "Plataforma de Gredos": It belongs to the territory of Navacepeda de Tormes, to only 11kms., is the place where the cars to initiate multitude of excursions with mythical names are let, like Five Lagoons, the Great Lagoon, Almanzor (the highest tip, 2592m, that emphasizes snowed in the horizon), the Circus of Gredos, Pool of the Emerald, the Galayos... It is possible to be done, among other sports, ski of passage, trekking, scaling...

- Horse riding

- Sports of Adventure like Piraguismo, Rafting, Rapel, Puenting, Ski of passage, Rackets, Barranquismo, Scaling, quads, Climbing, Paintball, Shot with arc..

- Cultural Excursions like the Roman Road and Five Villas, the Trashumancia, the White Jerte...

- Contemplation of the varied fauna that lives in these places, emblematic species like the real and imperial eagle, the wild goat, unique otters, foxes, jabalies, amphibians and reptiles in the Mountain range of Gredos like the Salamander of the Almanzor.

- Excursions to the other towns of valley and like Holes of the Hawthorn, Navarredonda de Gredos, Piedrahita, Barco de Avila, Small head of the Valley...

- Visits to the Center of Interpretation of Rapaces Birds, etc...

The landscapes are full of light and color, in tits wild earth where the nature discovers all its force and splendor to us. The proposed routes will take us by valleys of the North of the Mountain range of Gredos inAvila, where we cross old ways of trashumancia; we will raise lateral of oaks, pines and brown; we will show ourselves to the rocky ones to discover wild and galoparemos goats by pastizales and alpine meadows. The views are magnificent and the immense valleys. The towns, isolated by tits inaccessible nature that conforms its character, will show their architecture, its traditions and the form to us of life of their people.

Navacepeda has DIRECT ACCESS to the "Plataforma de Gredos"!

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RURAL CASA AVILA Sites of Interest:
Tfn: 91 796 69 45 // 618 01 83 11
  • Navacepeda de Tormes, the town, where we found place to them expléndidos like:

    1. The "Pozo de las Paredes"
    2. The Bridge
    3. Beginning of the Route of the throat of the Barbellido
    4. The Turones
    5. The Church, of S. XIII, with a hand of bear nailed in the door, inside, a stature of the Virgin
    6. The Hermitage

  • "Plataforma de Gredos", to 11 kms., place from where Begins Important Routes like:
    1. The Circus of Gredos
    2. The Five Lagoons
    3. The Almanzor Tip (the highest tip, 2592m, that emphasizes snowed in the horizon)
    4. The Pool of the Emerald
    5. The Galayos
    6. The Morezón

  • San Bartolomé de Tormes - Navasequilla, walking:

    We lowered 3kms. until San Bartolomé de Tormes near the Church we will take the way that will take us to the District of Above, which it must cross itself with tranquillity then in him we can contemplate a wonderful sample of rural architecture as soon as modified years in the last. Its "Greater Seat" is perhaps smallest and with less houses of Spain. The way towards Ortigosa leaves highest the town behind the house marked with number 73. Between a mount of oaks we arrived at a bifurcation, with stone landmarks marking both possible ways. We took the one from the left, that takes the best Vista to us of summits of Gredos of all the way. We continued walking until Ortigosa de Tormes, with its houses surrounded by trees and prairies. Passed glesia and leaving to the left a pretty source with round pylon and to the right an old stone colt we took "a neat" way recently. The reduction until the 1,650 of Navasequilla, puts end that we descried already, does not present/display no difficulty. The way from Ortigosa to Navasequilla can have taken one hour to us and average. The total route will be, therefore, of three hours and average to calm step. To tits time we must add the one of the shutdowns and strolls by the towns, that do not have to scrimp themselves.

  • The Herguijuela, to 7 kms, where we will be able to practice the flight in paraglider, is Black Rock a famous place for Competitions and Exhibitions

  • Piedrahita, to 26 kms: The monument more known and visited is without a doubt the palace of the Dukes of Dawn, but there are others like:
    1. Church of Our Lady of Asuncio'n
    2. Old Palace of the queen Dona Berenguela
    3. Convent of Santo Domingo
    4. Port of Black Rock from where championships become of flight in paraglider and Hang Gliders

  • Barco de Avila, to 25 kms: it maintains interesting vestiges architectonic.
    1. The castle of Valdecorneja is, without a doubt, one of most admirable
    2. Parochial church of "Nuestra Señora de la Asunción"
    3. The bridge Romanesque on the river ridged with seven arcs
    4. The Jail, of century XVII
    5. The Houses of the Balconies and the Restoration, medieval time

  • Ski resort the Covatilla, to 55kms: "Béjar" (Salamanca)
    You can practice the free ski raising the "Plataforma de Gredos", but if you prefer a ski resort, tits is the nearest and last track of esqui opened in the Central System.

  • The Roman Road, to 27kms begins: Lowering the "Puerto el Pico", already he was journeyed by the Romans like one of the main routes of communication between the plateaus. Still the layout of the road can be contemplated that passes compares to the highway and it is observed in front of bird from the own viewpoint of the port.

  • Historical centre of monumental Avila, to 70 kms:
    Their monuments are many, but I would like to emphasize San Vicente, where Romanesque the purest one becomes reality. The cathedral, a Preciousness, the walls, the most taken care of of the world.... Also it is possible to emphasize the Monastery of Santo tomás, founded by Catholic Monarchs, and that as much remembers San Juan to me of the Kings of Toledo, or the Church of San Pedro.

  • Grottos of "the Eagle", kms begins 46: In Sands of San Pedro, lowering the "Puerto el Pico".
    In the set of varied rooms it is possible to admire the Karsticas formation: stalactites, estalagmites, gours, taps, eccentrics, aragonite, etc.

  • "Valle del Jerte", to 45 kms the Viewpoint:
    A matchless enclave, with great variety of microclimates, much sun, abundant and crystalline water and grounds improved with the work of several generations.

  • "Talavera de la Reina" (Province of Toledo), to 90 kms, famous by its crafts of the mud of the mud

  • Salamanca, to 100 kms, famous by the university atmosphere.
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